For Companies

Establish coaching as a fixed part of your corporate personnel development.

  • … because your employees are worth it
  • … because growing demands and constant change represent the biggest challenges for both managers and employees daily work today

Personal Coaching for:

  • Your employees during change management processes
  • Your project teams and project managers
  • Your young managers
  • Your managers and your successful management style
  • Your leaders for profile enhancement in new positions

My Key Activities:

  • Goal and solution oriented thinking, action, management
  • Communicate intelligibly, clearly and inspiring
  • Make decisions
  • Leadership in times of crisis and change
  • Reflect, develop or optimize your personal management style
  • Handle difficult employee conversations
  • Solve conflicts within teams and daily management tasks

For Individuals

Do you simply want to conduct a discussion with someone, who will listen to you and who will ask you questions that can help you advance?

Managers know: the higher one moves up the career ladder, the lonelier it is. The number of colleagues, with whom one can speak openly, declines. Professional questions become secondary and internal politics gain importance.

Since I can understand your situation from my own management experience, I help you to analyze and reflect upon these situations.  We discuss alternative measures together and develop a strategy to strengthen your position.

The majority of people come to a point in their professional life at which they begin to pose critical questions regarding their achievements and want to change their path.

One feels their job is a dead-end, the other feels an internal dissatisfaction after years of routine. Experiencing an important life event can also raise the questions:

What now? How do I want to continue my career?

I conduct a status review with you, help you to evaluate what you have achieved thus far, and determine the right goals or options for your future career together with you.

When there is a new position on the horizon, you must decide.

What does it mean for my future career? What risks will I take? Is my employee contract and compensation package appropriate? Is the official reference letter from my last employer good?

I give you time to reflect the situation, achieve clarity regarding the (new) position and prepare an alternative course of action together with you for your professional and career planning. As your coach, I advise you during orientation phases or during resignations/lay-offs, offer targeting training for the selection process, interviews and salary negotiations.

Per request, I will review your official reference letter, new employee contract, a salary offer or an internal offer when switching to a new position. I am happy to provide you with feedback on your job application materials when desired as well.

As a coach, I assist people with their various needs – especially if you

  • must, or would like to take on new challenges and tasks
  • would like to illuminate and solve conflicts and problems in your career discretely in a protected environment
  • would like to reflect your thought and behavioral patterns and explore new possibilities for dealing with yourself and others
  • would like to further develop your personal management / working style
  • would like to learn to deal with internal and external pressure more constructively
  • expect professional feedback, i.e. an open and differentiated answer to questions regarding your impression on others

My solution-oriented consulting approach is as individual and customized as your needs.  I work on the basis of absolute discretion, mutual respect and trust, as well as open dialogue.

Does my offer appeal to you? Then please contact me.